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How to invite/register a user on the platform?

After the login in our portal,

In the top bar, in the right-hand corner, next to your profile picture, there are 9 'squares'. Click on the option and then on Settings.
Once this is done, in the left-hand menu there will be the option Users.
The list of users already registered will then appear, and further up on the right there will be the option to Add.
By clicking on add, you will be directed to the registration page, where you will need to enter the new user's information.
Once you have filled in the information, just click on Save.
Once this is done, a link will arrive in the inbox of the e-mail address registered on the platform, directing you to the platform to register a password.

If you are still having problems, please contact us via our support icon.

Or you can also contact us by e-mail at .

Updated on: 09/26/2023

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