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After answering the quote request, in the left menu, there are Proposals.

In this option, you check the proposals already answered, what is the situation, the code generated, how many times the revision was requested, when it was sent, the description, the client and the quotation code. And further down the line, if you want to check information or details, just click on the 'eye' .

How to respond to Request Review?

If the buyer has requested a review of the proposal, at the end of the line will appear Review Proposal (It is the same response process).
Within the proposal you have the option to generate a PDF, send a message to the buyer, accept or reject the review.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Pay attention to this new process of responding to the Request. First make the necessary/desired changes, and after you have reviewed the request, you click Approve. If you press approve first, your client will receive the same proposal you sent the first time.

Note: When a review is requested for the proposal, items that have been requested to be reviewed will be in purple on the Proposal.

Note: If you have doubts about the status of the proposal, just click on the status, and each type of situation and its respective caption will appear.

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Updated on: 09/26/2023

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