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How do I respond to an Expired Request for Quotation?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to respond to an Expired Request for Quotation.

Optionally, what can be done is to ask the buyer to reopen the process, but obviously it depends on the conditions in which the process is found for the buyer, mainly in distant spaces between its current date and the expired period.

In the system, it is possible to visualize the process and verify the buyer's data.
Follow the following steps:

After being logged in to our platform.

In the left menu, find the Requests for Quotation option.
In any process, regardless of its status, click on the '3 dots' at the end of the line and then click on View.
On the Request for Quotation process screen, check the buyer's data in the header at the top.
Get in touch with the Buyer in charge so that he can analyze your request.

If the buyer adds a new deadline, he can invite you to the process again, and you will be notified by email, or you can enter the system and check if you are already open to participate again.

If you are still having problems, please contact us via our support icon.

Or you can also contact us by e-mail at .

Updated on: 09/26/2023

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