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I will enter the Proposal on the platform by my Supplier. How to make?

Today we are faced with several situations. And one of them may be that your supplier cannot or has difficulties in inserting their proposal on our platform. So you earnestly do this favor for the supplier, inserting his proposal on the platform. But the question that remains is?

How to enter the proposal by the supplier?

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to enter.

Once on our platform, locate the Request for Quotation option in the left menu, and then locate the process in which the supplier was unable to enter its proposal via the platform.
You will be directed to the page to enter the Manual Proposal. Then just fill it in. You will see the entire request, with fields to fill in, whether it is mandatory or not.
Note: If there is a field that is mandatory and it is not filled in, it will turn in red, warning that it is a mandatory field.
After filling, just click on Save, up there in the header on the right.
After you have responded and submitted the proposal, you will be directed to the Proposals page, where you will see your supplier's proposal.
And the quote status will change to Proposal Submitted.

If you are still having problems, please contact us via our support icon.

Or you can also contact us by e-mail at .

Updated on: 10/18/2023

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